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 Duel Arena? take a look =]

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PostSubject: Duel Arena? take a look =]   Tue Jun 28, 2011 3:55 am

hey everyone its pk to pk here with another idea to make this a better experiance for players, i suggest coding/making a Duel Arena!! =]
reasoning behind wanting a duel arena you'r probably asking well, ever have nothing to do and a stack of coins/money in your bank, feeling lucky well why not stake =]! im sure not much people enjoy staking in runescape because of the dificulty level to get money but on a rsps like this one here our lovly Demonic-Rain we can have fun stake and enjoy ourselves!! what styles of staking are you thinking of pk to pk well, any kind of course thats up to you head down to the duel arena and do some mage boxing, fist fights no armour just kicks blocks and punches, or evan if you would like to have armour go for it =] not just staking but fun fighting too Smile well i hope you all think this through i personnally think its a great idea and beileve everyone would love it Smile!

thank you for taking the time to read this, have a pelasent day =]

sincerly, pk to pk
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Duel Arena? take a look =]
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