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 X Midnight's Mod Application

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X Midnight
Head Mod
Head Mod

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PostSubject: X Midnight's Mod Application   Thu Jun 09, 2011 11:58 am

Name: X Midnight

Age: 16

Total Post's: 1

Why should you be mod?: i think i should be Mod because i would be online 10 hours a day and help new players. I am very active on the forums so i will be very helpful. I do not get wound up easily soi will not get mad at people for stupid things. Also i would be able to get alot of players from the recent servers i have played. I can help with the server if there is anything needed to do anything.

Have you Ever been mod/admin in a previous server?: I have been Admin on 2 servers which are Deezscape and Rovascape and Mod on the pks4life, chaoticscape and heavenlyscape.
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X Midnight's Mod Application
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