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 Xyo's Admin Application.

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PostSubject: Xyo's Admin Application.   Mon Jun 13, 2011 5:28 am

Name: Username is Xyo but my real name is Lulu.

Age: 13

Total Post's: 8, But I shall make more later, when a topic comes to my mind. ^^

Why should you be Admin?: I believe I deserve admin because whenever it comes to servers, I help anybody in need, I obey the rules and enforce them, I'm very experienced as I have played rs-ps for about 5 years, If somebody breaks a rule while I'm a staff member, I give him two warnings, if his mistake was very severe (For example: If he advertises his own server here), then I won't give warnings, instant ban, If I see him glitching or breaking a rule that can lead to a ban, I'll give him 2 warnings and then if he does it again, a ban, staff impersonating will lead to a mute, I'm also very active and don't have a life, (just kidding, but I am very active) and I'm kind to any player, I don't tolerate rule-breaking or people with no common sense.

Have you Ever been mod/admin in a previous server?: Yes I have a lot of experience, I was a moderator and a forum moderator on many servers, On Project-Stupidity and Assassinscape (I was promoted to moderator first then administrator), and k3noscape, and Undeadpkz. (I've been playing rs-ps for 5 years so you can't expect me to remember them all lol), But there are a lot.. An Admin on more than 10 servers, a moderator on even more, people usually say that I would make a good staff member because of my grammar, but I don't know about that..

Do you have any coding experience?: No, I wish I could learn how to code though.

Have you advertised? ( if so, show proof ) Yes I have, here's the proof:

Additional details about myself: I'm tall, I have light brown skin, I like to hang out with people that have common sense and aren't stupid, Smile Hope I get to know every new player that comes here.

Post script: I treat everyone the same way, there shall be justice! Lmao, and I definitely don't suck up.

Thanks for reading.
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PostSubject: Re: Xyo's Admin Application.   Thu Jun 16, 2011 8:57 pm

Ok well you typed in some stuff...did anyone join? And we have enough admins and you just started playing?

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Xyo's Admin Application.
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